Monday, August 24, 2009

Cebu's Landmark

The Cross of Magellan

From the time immemorial this spot has been set aside to commemorate the erection of a cross in Cebu by the expedition of Magellan. When King Humabon of Cebu and his queen, son and daughters, together with some 800 of their subjects were baptized by Father Pedro Valderrama. This hallowed site was improved in 1735 by Rev. Juan Albarran, prior of San Agustin and in 1834 by Rt. Rev. Santos Gomez Marañon, bishop of Cebu. The image of Sto. Niño found by the expedition of Legaspi in a house near the present site of the Cathedral of Cebu is venerated by the faithful in the nearby Church of San Agustin.

The original cross planted by Ferdinand Magellan on April 21, 1521 is now encased of Tindalo wood.

Fuente Osmeña Park

Cebu’s premiere park that was built in honor of Cebu’s “Grand Old Man” President Sergio S. Osmeña Sr., who serve as the second President of the Philippine Commonwealth. It’s name literally means “Osmeña’s fountain”.

Throughout the history, the Fuente Osmeña Park has served as witness to many of Cebu’s significant gatherings, including the grand and colorful Sinulog festival that is held annually. The circle is a centerpiece landmark of the city and the site of numerous festivals and rallies.

In recognition of its legacy, the Fuente Osmeña Park is immortalized in the Philippine fifty peso bill. This landmark is indeed a source of pride for every Cebuano located along Jones Ave. and General Maxilom Ave. This was built during the founding of Cebu City's water system.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cory Aquino - Democracy Icon

I was in Leyte when I saw the news in the television and read the header “Paalam Cory Aquino” before the tribute news “Salamat Cory” of GMA and “Salamat Presidente Cory” of ABS-CBN. I arrive in our house at 2:20am an hour earlier before our first lady president died on 3:18am at Makati Medical Center. It shocked and saddened me knowing that before her passing, the latest updates in her situation was that she responded positively from the treatment. This made me realized that true to her situation, they were just assuring the public’s calmness and steadfast support through prayers and the healing masses and that her family had decided to cease chemotherapy and other medical interventions.

She was born Corazon Cojuangco, an heiress to one of the great fortunes in the Philippines. In 1954, she married Benigno Aquino, one of the most ambitious and promising politicians in the country. Before they met, however, Benigno had dated a young beauty queen named Imelda Romualdez. Years later, his political career would turn him into the political nemesis of the man Imelda married, Ferdinand Marcos, who was elected president in 1965.

She was catapulted into politics following the murder of her husband, the prominent Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, who had been preparing to run for president. By the "People Power" uprising against the dictatorship of Marcos 1986, she became the Asia's first female president. In her term as president, she battled several coup attempts and protected the country's fledgling democracy and freed political prisoners.

TIME chose Corazon Aquino as its Person of the Year for 1986, recognizing her central role in one of the most compelling dramas in recent history — the widowed housewife who avenges her husband's death by overthrowing the regime widely blamed for his murder. She was the first woman to be designated TIME's Person of the Year since Queen Elizabeth II for 1952.

She was diagnosed with colon cancer on March 24, 2008 as publicly announced by her family member drawing supports through prayer nationwide. Mrs Aquino had been suffering from stage 4 colon when she died aged 76 on August 1, 2009 due to cardiopulmonary arrest after complications of colon cancer.

She left a big imprint on our history. She is the Icon of Democracy throughout the world. She is a great leader who set a shining example of peaceful transition to democracy in our country. Her courage, determination, and moral leadership are an inspiration to us all and exemplify the best in our nation.

Thank you so much Cory!
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