Friday, May 14, 2010

I Love This Game

this art has been socially accepted nowadays.

i'm a tattoo artist who don't have one
and seems not convincing to any customer
who wanna have some.
i love to be inked as much as i love to ink.
feel the same like i do?
then, let's get it on...

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


1. ROBLE, Jose Emery F. 13,830
2. VILLAFLOR, Altagracia R. 11,531

1. GO, Panfilo O. 18,635
2. FULACHE, Crispin N. 2,534
3. CALLOS, Sonito S. 417

1.GABISAN, Miguela M. 12465
2. VILLAHERMOSA, Albert R. 9152
3. NERVES, Lemuel Jan M. 9041
4. YAN, Roseller A. 9029
5. VILLAQUER, Garry F. 8757 ----------- SOM-Cebu 3rd Batch
6. FLANCO, Lamberto R L. 8037
7. OLO, Giovanni G. 7813
8. BADILLA, Reynaldo R. 7321
9. LORA, Loreto P. 6874
10. GACUTNO, Dante V. 6653
11. ALOTAYA, Everlisa N. 6578
12. VITERBO, Lourdes F. 6423
13. FLORES, Rebecca N. 6348
14. FERMANO, Romeo C. 6178
15. FULACHE, Armando N. 5980
16. GO, Montano Jr. R. 5106
17. CAING, Teogenes V. 4549
18. LUZON, Elmer T. 3446
19. MENDOZA, Rodolfo F. 2563
20. ANADON, Edwin F. 1,658
21. CABRERA, Ramon R. 504
22. PATA, Peter Joseph T. 433
23. NAPOLES, Welfredo A. 406
24. URGEL, Porferio M. 382
25. LABIN, Ciriaco L. 316
26. RUBILLOS, Martilito S. 273

We can't deny that there's still a vote buying but the result only shows that HILONGOSNONS are longing for a town progress and looking forward in a new set of local officials for a change.

It only made me laugh seeing a banner with a slogan "WALAY NAPRISO KAY NANGOPRAS".

CONGRATULATIONS to our new local officials. Don't fail us and be true to your promises. We are expecting much from you.


CBS new set of Officers

Cebu Bloggers Society conducted its 1st General Assembly that was held in Parkmall last May 1, 2010 and elected a new set of officers.

Abitona, Mark Alessandrew
Esmena, Guada Concepcion F.
Gilig, Prince Ryan
Jimenez, Agnes E.
Maglasang, Michelle Louise S.
Mongado, Clarence Andrew F.
Monta, Deutche Atil Mark M.
Pineda, Michael Sinjin A.
Ponio, Jorich
Sarawi, Wilhelmina
Yuson, Bryan Karl M.
Tampus, Gerrymie
Licera, Ruben
Gervacio, Jerry
Go, Vernon

President - Vernon, Go
VP-Membership - Clarence Andrew Mongado
VP-Content - Michelle Louise Maglasang
VP-Marketing - Michael Sinjin Pineda
VP-Ways and Means - Mark Monta
VP-Education - Jerry Gervacio
VP-Corporate Affairs - Agnes Jimenez
Secretary - Wilhelmina Sarawi
Treasurer - Bryan Karl Yuson
Auditor - Jorich Ponio

Special Projects
Mark Alessandrew Abitona
Guada Concepcion Esmena
Ruben Licera
Prince Ryan Gilig
Gerrymie Tampus

Ombudsman/Legal Counsel - Atty. Ethelbert B. Ouano