Sunday, July 1, 2007


“Love thy neighbor as thy self.”, “Go to the four corners world and multiply.” sounds biblical but we made it real. (lol). Living in the same place – Brgy. Pontod, Hilongos, Leyte, although I studied in Cebu (The Sisters of Mary School - Boystown) during high school and college days, we've known each other well.

Distance may seems to hinder what we've started but not our will of keeping it to grow firmly. Scarcity of time being together may opted us to part ways but not the promises we have made. Midst April of 1995 (nakalugar kay bakasyon), the new found love bloomed and its existence guided our way to be real in our inner self, made us strong and gave us experience which eventually help us survived. I was a freshman architecture student that time and she was a sophomore in high school. Setting studies as our priorities, we both inculcated in our minds of having a cherry-hit goals and ambitions. Encountering humps our roads had brought, we're still holding on in each others caress.

For almost 11 years of our relationship, we finally settled down of having our own family to raise. We've been bonded as one by the sacrament of matrimony last January 6, 2007 @ Immaculate Concepcion Parish Church, Hilongos, Leyte. A perfect day for us that even heaven poured its shower as blessing on us (pero ulan man jud to).

We've been blessed by a daughter that was born on the feastday of Mama Mary last September 8, 2007. My wife named her Ynez Alexandra.

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