Sunday, November 23, 2008

Daplin sa Baybayon

Painting A Seascape...this is not Timoy - More free videos are here

Last week, I was searching for the printable t-shirts designs that were compiled in a box for quite sometime. As I scoured every page, my seascape painting that was done 4 years ago was unearthed. This was my first painting made since I was working in Mark David Export Services, Inc. (Hospitality Design Furniture company) and the first painting that was uploaded in my friendster and zorpia account as well.

Way back on college days, I have done a lot of paintings and lost due to negligence and misplacement. Every Architecture Week, for the sake of being different, my entries in the course of exhibit were watercolor paintings. Other paintings were gone. I just don’t know where did my brother have it after their school art display event(tsk tsk…sayang).

By now, am collecting and having my artwork framed as soon as Im done with it. This seascape painting measures 13”W x 9”H with frame.

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