Friday, December 19, 2008

CBS Christmas Party 2008

Mc Donald JY, Lahug - Obnoxious Queer's Photo

Mendoza's Residence - Clado's Photo

At the Pool - Clado's Photo

Awarding Ceremony - Vanjhnn's photo

CEBU BLOGGGERS SOCIETY, December 13, 2008 – The weather was fine. I grabbed my bag after work goin’ to the assembly area not minding the traffic that may hinder my minutes ride. That was my second meet up with the group since I joined CBS last October. It was past 3pm when CBS thronged inside McDonald located at JY Square, Lahug and later that time we collectively decided to proceed to the venue.

We took an enjoyable ride before reaching Mendoza’s Residence @ Jarden de Busay. Although the road of the village is steep and winding but the views of impressive and beautiful natural sceneries made us appreciate the place. It was so relaxing and you can feel freshness of the environment. Everyone got time to mingle, chat and others were busy taking some pictures. Am not that lucky because my camera was borrowed. I’m fond and taking pictures and love photography as one of my hobbies. Other members were busy sharing the work in preparing for food in the kitchen.

The party began by introducing every CBS member at the theater room. Ambiance inside the room was so joyous and euphoric especially when the creative slideshow of the Never Ending Story and the videos presented by Vanjhnn . The talents of our own CBS spokesman Kevin Ray Chua , his Inglisera lip-synching, and Obnoxious Queer's Take A Bow of Rihanna have been presented. I’ve seen Kevin's rendetion before in youtube but didn't actually knew him till I became a member of this society. Am a bisrock fanatic since the birth of the BUGS. Cheers bisrockers!

Dinner time – the food served was so delectable and mouthwatering especially the bok choy (pechay gud). I love that vegetable viand (sud’an ba). As the group having our good time for the midday meal, lights from the cities started to illuminate and brighten up the night sky contrasting the gloomy mountain on the other side. After we satiated our stomach, we proceeded to the living area for the awarding of certificates.

A recognition that was just for fun and was decided by the majority of votes (kabantay ko dihay flying voters ato…hahaha. juk). Bloggers who got most of the awards were Clado and X. If my memory serves me right, these are the awardees:

Most Promising Blogger - Beejing
Early Golden Dove Award - Kevin
Star of the Night - AJ
Couple of the Night – Jorich and Clado
Better Late Than Never - Clado
Best Food Blogger - X
Best Photo Blogger - Vanjhnn
Camwhore of the Night - X
Best Blog Layout or Design - Rodel
Controversial Entry Award - Beejing
Pose of the Year – X
Best Spammer - Jorich
Most Bisdakistic Blogger – Clado

That night, I felt the coolness of the breeze only to remind me that it’s yuletide season and the event I have attended was CEBU BLOGGERS SOCIETY Christmas Party 2008. All hail CBS!

Photos posted here were from Vanjhnn , Obnoxious Queer and Clado . Thank you guys!


PinoyApache said...

All hail CBS guys and gals. Merry Christmas!

Miong said...

bai timoy! Merry Christmas! nice!

Earl said...

Bai Timz:

Thank you for sharing this post to us. I loved also the pechay food served during the party.

I was glad to know and be among the CBS family.

Merry Christmas!

clarence said...

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year
Sir Ruben!

niko said...

merry christmas and happy new year pare ko!!

how is alex by the way?? ;)

Obnoxious Queer said...

Hi Sir, Timz

I think dili ako ang pose of the year awardee... Hehehe... Ug sa dihang, nalimot sad ko!