Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bisdak Blogger

blogger's t-shirt

Mini-SEO competition was organized by Winston - of Cebu Bloggers Society using the keyword Bisdak Blogger. Joining bloggers must be a member and registered in CBS group and forum and obviously a Bisdak blogger. Limited edition of Pinoy Blogger shirt is at hand for this contest.

Result and the one who topped Google's Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs for the said contest can be viewed in this link. “CLICK HERE”

Should you wish joining this entry, be a Bisdak Blogger and Cebu Bloggers Society member.

Dasdas bisaya!

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Earl said...

Very brief and yet insightful response to a challenge. Great take! Blog on bai.

timoy said...

apil apil lng ko para naay mapuno. la ko nahibaw'an anang SEO ba. hehehe.

Winston said...

hahaha... hi ruben. salamat sa pagpost. hehehe. ok lang na. makat-unan ra nato na. :)

it's one way of populating the search engine with your blogs for the keyword "bisdak blogger"