Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jing Gong M4-F Carbine

My first EAG!

We were canvassing for an EAG or Electric Air Gun in Blutac located near the entrance of the Century Plaza and in the QBC at the Cebu City Capitol last saturday. Actually I like to have the MP5 unit but finally decided in buying the new Jing Gong M4-F Carbine Electric Air Gun in QBC (P5,800) as advised by the gunsmith. A unit easy to upgrade with a durable inner parts. This 1:1 scale rifle comes with a high quality metal gear box, a metal barrel, a full metal stock slide, and an adjustable front and rear sight.


Name • M4-F Electric Air Gun
Overall Size • 855mm / 595mm (when stock is fold)
Weight • 3190g (battery included)
Barrel Length • 364mm
Magazine Capacity • 300 rounds
Bullet • 6mm BB Bullets
Initial Bullet Speed • 330 FPS (using 0.2g bullet)
Full Auto Shooting Speed • 500 – 1000 rounds/min

Also features:

• High-Cap Magazine
• Adjustable Hop-up System
• Full Metal Stock Slide
• Semi and Full Automatic Mode
• Folding Stock
• Metal Barrel
• Adjustable Front and Rear Sight

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Louie said...

wow that carbine is really powerful ^^