Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hilongos Wildcats Team

Hilongos Wildcats Team

Hilongos Wildcats Team initiated a friendly game among its members last Sunday, August 30 at the back of V-Hire terminal near the Caltex gasoline station along the highway. Airsoft enthusiasts from Baybay, Hindang and Hilongos gathered past 10 am. Though some members didn’t make it due their hectic scheds, we started the routine.

Gearing up protective suits and readying for close quarter battle, everyone seemed to be excited. Shields or obstacles were added in the game site just in case a lot of airsofters will join and the kill house was added as well. Eventually the teams made it even in share of comrades 7–7.

Initially, the objective style skirmish has been played economizing the bb pellets usage. Both teams were trying to capture the “flag” located at the center of the game site and we made 4 battles with that scene. In order for us to be fully entertained, someone suggested to have a head-to-head scenario specifically the front line airsoft skirmish, an assault of trying to eliminate each other’s team and made 6 encounters. The scene made my AEG run out of battery and we ended our friendly game leaving red rashes in my legs and chest. Ok lang sa chest pero sa tiil, midugo gyud…tsk tsk.

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