Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This my first pro tattoo kit given to me by a friend of mine, my fellow SOMnians – Mario Gamas Acson from UK. This kit is for permanent tattooing. The kit is fully loaded accessories needed to create tattoos including two tattoo guns, so theres no need to keep changing needles on each tattoo gun machine especially in applying the outlines of the design and its shadings. This little kit may end up wasting my spare time vandalizing human skin as canvas.

I love to ink much more than I love to draw. I started tattooing when I was in college using improvised machines for free, just a sort of practice but the results were not that bad, I swear (lol).

This kit composed of two highly sought after Shark and Abstract tattoo gun machines, which can be set for both lining and shading. This tattoo machines are hand tuned in the manufacturer’s workshop before this was dispatched, and can be hooked straight up to the ultra-steady high quality Horizon digital power supply.

Tattoo Kits Contents

• Horizon Digital Power Supply
• Tattoo Guns: 2 - can be used for both lining and shading
• Tattoo Ink Holder
• Tattoo Inks: 7x 15ml Kashoku Ink Bottles (Deep Black, Pure White, Blood Red, Juicy Orange, Yellow Fizz, Park Green, Dark Blue) - Superb Quality Ink!
• Aluminium Grips: 2
• Stainless Steel Grips: 2
• Clip Cord
• Foot Pedal
• Ink Cups: 100
• Tattoo Needles: 20
• Stainless Steel Tips: 6
• Stainless Steel Tubes: 4
• Disposable Tips: 20
• Contact Springs: 2
• Weight (kg): 4

True love is like a tattoo… It hurts when it bleeds but it feels good within and last forever till the end of your time.




Photoblogger said...

Woot! if one day mag plano ko patattoo timoy, anhi ko nimow (rock)

mad_sanity said...

pwede ako first customer?

McCoolot said...

ahaha... payter ni bai timz!

Anonymous said...

yhayoz idol...pambihira uu!!!

henna tattoo lang akoa oi...
free ra ang henna bai timoy bai para sinulog 2010 bah...

nice post bro...

God bless u and ur family.

NHYIA said...

wow galing mo talaga...

marLon said...

bay asa k nka palit ana imong tattoo kit?

ruben rallos said...

pindala ra man sad ni bai sa akong amigo from UK.