Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Charcoal Painting

Stephanie and Bradley Bacasmas
Am not fond of using charcoal pencil. Since I’m trying to use this medium, I should love the art of this blackish residue consisting of impure carbon brushed gradually for a better result. Charcoal leaves a track that is darker, velvety and it can be spread much easier and finer using brush. I’m no pro regarding this medium but I love to paint as much as I love to learn the different medium in visual and graphic arts.

I have painted this as a present for my friend’s hubby who celebrated his natal day a week ago. Can’t ignore or refuse her request, since she’s one of a kind friend. I didn’t sell this work but she provided me the paper, pencil and the brushes. This only tells that I don’t have enough materials in such medium. I’m still learning about this. Somehow, I have tried to do things that I love.

Art is accusation, expression, passion. It is a fight to the finish between black charcoal and white paper.


niko said...


pwede po magrequest?? pa paint nmn nung friend ko i will pay u n lng pati ung shipping hihi :)


thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

nice bro... ur theman..

God bless u.