Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tiger Tattoo

Last Saturday, I was printing t-shirts for the Alumni of the Sisters of Mary School, Inc, Cebu when my batchmate sent a message that he will be coming in our office after lunch. He was interested to have a tattoo before our final basketball game (playing for 3rd place) that was scheduled last Sunday at the Boystown. Eventhough, I told him that it's not advisable to have tattoo and play a physical game a day after it is done, we still proceeded the 3-hour long of enduring the pain. He wanted a tiger with a wave-flow design depicting his inner self's strength and might of overcoming hardships in life.

Since I don't have a thermal paper for stenciling or a surgical pen, I always use Pilot V5 pen in drafting the design in the body. This application is hard especially for an artist who relies in tracing designs and uses stencils since every wipe after the ink is applied, the lines of the sketch will also be erased.

Tirso Ardiente - my batchmate who owns this tattoo didn't play anyway and only celebrated after the game. But he coached us the whole game bagging the 3rd prize of the Fr. Al's Cup 2010.


Tattoo Lettering said...

That's cool!

My friend chose a tattoo that says, my wings my gravity. She decided to have that after her father's death. It reminds her how the father reminds her over again to dream high but keep her feet back on the ground.

Nonoy said...

Great post. I also have a Tattoo on my left shoulder. This was tattooed by our bassist of our band. This tattoo has undergone three applications since the artist applied a Staedler ink on first and second ones 12 years ago. This year he already used the skin ink and looks darker and better now. I wish I could show you my tattoo; it's a simple one, it;s like a formula in Physics class that says Sebadoh or don't. hehe. Sebadoh is an American indie band.

More power to your blog. Cheers! ;-)