Friday, January 28, 2011


Some little works of mine as a step to be a fully tattoo artist someday…maski sa pangandoy lang. (lol)

This is the art I love the most though I’m just a newbie for this media but the fact that this would forever be in the body of your clients made me think that they will always remember you as their artist. Satisfaction in our side as the clients love our artworks. I’m still learning in this and getting tips from the pros, asking things that somehow turn to be useful for future references. I love seeing tattoo conventions and registering tattoo websites as to create and come up with new ideas and original designs.

An angel tattoo which my college buddy loves since we were still studying.

A koi tattoo for a cover up of a messy one.

An ambigram for a wife of my officemate, read as JOSEPHUS and ANGELIQUE.

A rastion (rastang lion) of a common friend.

All done in freehand...


Nick Dael said...

Where ka naka base, bai? Naa ka sa Cebu?

ruben rallos said...

dia ko mandaue ngtrabaho pero sa weekend tua ko sa leyte.

Rodel said...

ikaw mo tattoo bai? pila sad?

ruben rallos said...

yep. depende man sa gidak'on ug sa complexity sa design rod.