Friday, July 1, 2011

INKTRADA Tacloban Tattoo Convention 2011

Off from work just to join the tattoo competition, we arrived at Tacloban's astrodome past 11:00 am which was too early for the 2pm-7pm designated time for the compe. I felt very relax at the venue since the dome is located near the sea. The convention was my second time I have attended as an exposure to the industry where my craftsmanship belong. A passion in which I can freely express myself. In a given of 5 hours, most of us completed each piece of design within 3-4 hours. The category of the competition was Black and Grey with a minimum dimensions of 5" x 8". This is my second portrait tattoo done in my year of tattooing.

Bob Marley

Me and my model

Arianne Lim (Organizer), Ding Fernandez (Philippine Tattoo Artist Guild - Vice President), my model and me.

Fruits of my hardwork :)

I am the first loser of the said event. My warm appreciation to those who made the event a successful one and to my fellow artists who participated this event...KUDOS to us all! Let us continue in supporting our local tattoo artists.

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