Friday, October 26, 2007


I was in Leyte on mid-september for a weekend's rest. Having borrowed Steph's (high school batchmate) camera, I began strolling early in the morning to take some pics and feel the cool breeze at the seashore. On my way home, reflections of the videokehan's posts in the nearby creek got my attention. So I went down from the bridge where I was situated and have myself positioned in my desired angle. After noticing that it might be great to create a wavy reflections, I threw some stones in the water and *CLICK!

Since I'm fond in watercolor paintings thus, I painted it for my personal collection.


Anonymous said...

"ilawm silong" your mine...
one of the best painting.. and the other painting naa nako.. bwahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

hehehehe ipost sad nako ang naa nako nga mga paintings.. ang titulo kay.. "watercolor sa bondpaper"