Friday, December 21, 2007


I was taking pictures especially the landmarks in our town for my friend who has been off the country for almost 15 years. I started it with our barangay bridge, the one that connected Sitio Cansurima and Sitio Fishpond to the mainland. I'm talking about my birthplace here, Brgy. Pontod, Hilongos, Leyte. It was the shot that attracted me to have it in paint. More often than not, I like to paint views with reflections. Utlanan means boundary. This painting measures 18" x 22" with frame and its medium - watercolor.

This painting was asked by my sister and I gave it hesitatingly because we're planning to have it in our planned exhibit which was not realized. Unfortunately, she gave it to her costumer for FREE. If I had known that that would be the case I shouldn't have it given beforehand.


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