Friday, February 26, 2010

Beginner's Tattoo

Permanent tattoo is a marking made by inserting indelible ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons. This art is done for body modification where needles with ink are injected the second layer of our skin which is the dermis.

Tattoo these days has been socially accepted. We can find everywhere people who love tattoo as their body decoration in expressing themselves. Tattoo has been gaining grounds in search term for the past few years from LYCOS - is a search engine and web portal with broadband entertainment content. Lycos dropped the term "tattoos" from its Poll because the term was so popular. According to Lycos, tattoos rarely drops out of the top ten search terms requested on the Internet and Lycos dropped the term because they wanted to make room for other searches.

Before I got a tattoo kit, tattoo designs from the net like the oriental dragons, Japanese kois, skulls, biomechanical to celtic and tribal designs had been saved for references. Thus, those weekends that I’m not around the city, I was tattooing some of my friends in my hometown (Hilongos, Leyte) for free. My works may not be as what they expected to be but I’m trying and practicing to be one real sick tattoo artist someday. (lol)

Here are my works, a newbie tattoo artist’s works…hahaha…

First Dolphin

First portrait






McCoolot said...

ahh paytira sa mga tattoo sir timz!!

ruben rallos said...

praktis lang ko hinay hinay. hehe.

Roland Rallos said...

Very nice work! Nindot ra kau ang mga tattoo works para econsider na praktis,,, tininuod na na..

ruben rallos said...

tininuod na jud ni.
tininuod nga praktis...hehe.
months ra ang paabuton and they'll pay what is due for the work.
swerte ang nakauna ug patattoo kay free. :D

Roland Rallos said...

bitaw mao jud! mao na xa giingon na promo period... hehehe a good business advertisement strategy!

gerry said...

ben patira nya ko ha!

gerry said...

kinsa manang imo mga model?

ruben rallos said...

1st dolphin - daddy lusngag
1st portrait - patoy | officemate
1st eagle - anjie
1st biomech - boloy
1st cover-up - atik
1st retouch - tobol

~euo~ said...

astig! lufet mo ah..

Ph said...

grabeh! maayo gyud ni si master timoy!

look at those works. Even through your other forms of art, all look really good, so I don't think it'll be any lesser in your tattoo art.

Keep up the good work!

Matt said...

My name is Matt, I work for Killer Ink. We are the sole distributors of Kashoku Ink. Wow, your work is fantastic. Was it done with our ink? how are you finding the kit?

If you want, and you used our products for the work you can upload it to our facebook page:

you could even put a link to your blog on the photos!

Best Wishes and keep on making great tattoos!

Best Regards


clarence said...

ako man nya ang sunod model ani. :D