Tuesday, February 2, 2010


January 17, 2010 - Sinulog, Cebu City. Streets were so busy, some access roads were blocked causing heavy traffics around the city. Saturday night we began our usual task in doing some henna works in celebrating the most awaited day early this year in Cebu City - Sinulog Grand Mardi Gras 2010.

We brought a tent for us to have a shelter at night and obviously to have an area for our henna tattoo by Sinulog day. Saturday night seemed didn’t sleep probably because people around the city were busy for the weeklong activities organized by the city government in preparation for the said festivity. Although it was almost 3am, there were still sightseers and rubbernecks wanted to have some henna tattoo.

By 6am, only a 2 hours sleep, CCPO were busy confiscating stalls, booths and other selling stands that weren’t able to secure some permit from the city government. They also wanted our tent to be wrapped up so as to clean the sidewalk. Without any argument, we cleared the area and waited till they’re gone.

After our breakfast, we set and readied our things since our customers seemingly increased in numbers. Raindrops made our shelter occupied by our customer-to-be and onlookers. Busyness of earning money tended us to almost forget our lunch. Although the weather seemed like playing that time our purse consistently increased its amount till 8pm.

We ended up our annual business as the flock of people stuck in front of Crown Regency where we were situated. We started of having this activity way back 1998 during college days. We were all architecture students that time. Now, that location become our rendezvous every Sinulog although we have different job and priorities in life.

For our regular customers, see you again next year!

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batang buotan said...

What a great Sinulog celebration! After spending three Sinulogs in Cebu, I realize that it is more that just street parties but a reunion, too. It's about religion and people.

I love henna tattoo, too! :)