Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Henna tattoo turned permanent

Persons who love henna tattoo or temporary tattoo are undoubtedly fascinated with the permanent body art. They only fear of getting the permanent by consequences it is being linked. The norms of hardly getting job, parents won’t probably like, persons around you may think about your tattoo the other way around and the pain the machine gives are the things that wrap-up their hesitation.

After getting hennaed for two days, the design in her back has been turned into permanent. Wings with an inverted G-clef seem like an angel who fell in love with music. Our first session lasted for almost 8 hours of enduring pain with breaks in between.

Another henna turned permanent is a design of a warrior with a spear done for almost 3 hours.

Added a polynesian cross in his chest which incorporate his existing polynesian sleeve tattoo.

Tattoos are now socially accepted. It’s been said that our body is a temple but when will we redecorate our temple to make it new and grand? Mora sad ug naay tattoo ang artist ba. Hahaha. AB rh+ man gud akong dugo, pangitaunon daw. I have to donate sa before having some pero sa tinuod wala pa koy design. Have ask some studio but the price is too expensive for me. A full sleeve tattoo worth P20,000. Ha? *sigh


clem_qnxt said...

ka nice ba ani. pwede matudlo ug tekniks ani kuya? intresado ko ba.

hardwired said...

paytera jud nimo timoy oi....

clarence said...

Paytera sa wings oi!
Just when can i have tattz. hehehe
Kung unsa man gani ikaw ako contakon. nyahehehe. :D

Febbe said...

really now.. but its too expensive!