Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Koi and Geisha Tattoo

While setting up machines and other things needed for a tattoo session, we’re in front of a television watching for NBA 2011 slamdunk and Donaire’s boxing in the other channel. We had our breakfast past 10 am as planned to start before lunchtime yet, we didn’t proceed until the slamdunk ended. With the use of thermal paper, my koi and geisha design (her daughter) were stenciled so that the portrait is accurate in proportion. But as the session started, we suddenly stopped and went back to the living room to watch as Montiel knocked out in the 2nd round of the main event.

This was the so far the large piece I’ve done when I started tattooing early last year. Probably the design will be completed within 3 meetings since the client has only an average level of pain tolerance. As the session grew in hours, his leg was shaking every touch of the needle in his skin. The last part that was inked is the sakura tree located at the back of his leg.

First session - the outlines, two more sessions to  go… :)

Carter Escarro, owner of these tattoos.

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rommel malig-on said...

asa ang shop nimo now vai. from hilongos q.