Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cebu Ink Conference 2011

Cebu Tattoo Artists

 with Zairex Gantuangco and Ryan Bernardino - the masters 

 with Mr Tommy Ringwalt,
President and CEO of Tommys Supply and Starbrite Colors

mini tattoo machine - lucky me!

August 15, 2011 – Cebu Ink Conference was held at KOA Tree House , formerly Kukus Nest, Lahug Cebu City. It was made through the effort of a Cebu tattoo artist Zairex Gantuangco, whom I admired most for his unceasing sharing of knowledge for this art and this was sponsored by Pinoy Body Arts of Sir Don Baranda with Mr Tommy Ringwalt, the President and CEO of Tommys Supply and Starbrite Colors.

Cebu’s top tattoo artists were there that, in a way, gave some boost for the freelancer and newbie in the industry. I can name only a few them because I don’t know some of the artist personally. Others I only knew through social website networking especially in Facebook while some of them I personally met in tattoo conventions. Presents there were Zai, Ryan Bernardino, Carlo Gabiana and his brother Vanvan, Ronnie Macapagal, Wendell Yap, JC Verdida, Dencio Ceniza, Harry Ruiz, Paolo Abellana, Mikki Blanco, Duance Gacasan, Frances Flordelis and Benson Gascon.

Things were discussed on how the Starbrite skin ink came in existence and its development to be one of the most renowned skin inks in the tattoo world today. Information on how the ink was made through a keen scrutinization under the microscope and tested in avoidance of skin allergy, made us wooed for their products. A lot of tips and instructions on tattoo’s aftercare since our country is tropical thus, must be protected from sun’s heat. The higher the SPF, the better it cares the newly done tattoo. Colors that usually give rashes for a tattoo are red and purple because of its mercury sulfide content.

Raffles were initiated for attendees' consolation. Names were drawn for mini tattoo machines and fortunately it was my name on the first pick. Such a nice souvenir for us since it can’t be found in our local market and can only be classified as collectors item because of its availability.

Let’s us all support our local tattoo artists. We’re so grateful for the time given for this event by all artists present, Mr. Tom Ringwalt and to Sir Don Baranda for the support in this industry who made this event a successful one.