Monday, August 22, 2011

My Weekend Tattoo

Tattoo is about pain tolerance in an hour or more for the life-long of loving the final outcome of it. Clients must know their artists well before giving in. Sometimes, persons who have a tattoo machine can’t already be called a tattoo artist. It takes a lots of hardwork, patience and discipline. Wannabes  should have a taste for this kind of art and know some visual techniques. He must practice more on paper the ways of shading and toning. Skin isn’t like a canvass for oil and arches paper for watercolor. You can’t undo it when things go wrong. You can’t just crumple it when turned out to be unlikable. We must value our clients for in them we can see our fulfillment in this passion upon seeing them pleased.

More often, I do a tattoo session every weekend. This is the only time when I can fully focus my passion. Clients, who want some design that satisfy their longing for this art, can negotiate and have some short talk for the concept they needed before enduring the pain. Always trust the artist before being inked. He has more in mind of creating designs but make sure that you’re design is met. Ask advice before and during the session on what to do that in a way you’re comfortable enough as the session goes. Needless to say, clients in my homeplace trusted me enough for they are my personal friends and thus, I can freely do in any add-ons with the approved design.