Friday, October 3, 2008

My Mother for 4 years


Born: March 4, 1959
Joined the Sisters of Mary: June 8, 1986
First religious Profession: May 26, 1989
Born into Eternal life: August 9, 2008

Sr. Elizabeth Meriño, SM was born on March 4, 1959 in Leyte, Philippines. On June 8, 1986, with her desire of helping the Lord in the person of the poor, she joined the Sisters of Mary which at that time was newly established by the Servant of God, Msgr. Aloysius Schwartz.
Throughout her religious life, she continuously took care of children at Boystown and Girlstown of the Sisters of Mary. She was always simple, cheerful, gentle and loving. She was always concerned with the children's welfare not just their material and physical needs but above all their spiritual improvement. Thus, she had a lot of zeal in teaching catechism even if at times, she had severe sore throat and even lost her voice. She loved teaching the last mysteries in order to prepare the children for eternal happiness. She taught not only in words but also through her hard work and her practice of virtues. Whenever she was offended, she was ready to forgive and forget the past. She also loved recruiting the children even how difficult the travel and circumstances were. She endured all with patience and joy in order to save souls. She had special concern for those who are orphans and abandoned children to the extent that sometimes she was misunderstood by others.
She always some little physical pains but it did not bother her nor complained. When she could no longer bear the pain, she informed the superior about it. Then she submitted herself to medical check-up and was found out that she needed surgery.
On October 8, 2007 she underwent operation at Doty Memorial Hospital in Seoul, Korea and was diagnosed that she had cancer and it was in an advanced stage. She accepted it with serenity and total resignation to God. Since May of 2008, she could not go out from her room anymore but she remained cheerful and even cracked jokes to those who visited her. According to her, she was like Jesus nailed to the cross. She continued praying the rosary and listening to Fr. Al's recorded religious tapes.
On June 13, 2008, on a wheelchair with dextrose, she managed to attend Mass and joined her sisters in renewing their religious vows. For the last time, she joined the sisters' breakfast and happily shared her laughter with them.
On August 8, 2008 at around 4:00 p.m., she felt difficulty in breathing. A priest administered the last sacraments and after communion, she smiled beautifully. She was looking for Mother Michaela, the superior of the Sisters of Mary, to ask permission to go to. The sisters asked where should she go. "To heaven!" she said loudly.
Finally, the following day at exactly 5:00 a.m., her breathing stopped. After a few minutes her face shone with much peace and serenity describing the joy of a faithful, a true disciple and a spouse of the Lord Jesus.
"I have fought a good fight. I have kept the faith. From now on, the crown of righteousness awaits me, which the Lord, the just judge will award me." (2Tim.4)


Rocknolds® said...

Nice one Ben. I miss her.

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miss her too.