Monday, October 20, 2008

Nature's Fury

I have searched all my stored photos for the pictures taken late last year in front of my parents' house before it was hit by the unlikely waves just recently. I just want to compare it with the present situation. Actually, 18 years ago, fronting our house was the barangay road and the neighboring houses. And currently, my parents house is just a meters away from the shore (see picture of a window below). Although I got no pictures to show those existing residential houses before, I draw it for your visualization.

Since we’re located in a typhoon prone region, Eastern Visayas, just a low pressure that swirls off the area yields serious effects. In the early 80’s, LGU built a barrier to protect our coast from the force of waves which we locally called sea wall (breakwater).

Due to this occurrence, gradual changes are apparent along the shoreline in our place (Brgy. Pontod, Hilongos, Leyte). Houses in this area were slowly destroyed until fully eradicated by the mid 90’s.

Since nature’s wrath is irrepressible, our parents decided to relocate their house for a safer place though their source of living rely only in fishing. In point of fact, just a moderate waves during hide tide, living, dining and kitchen areas will be washed with water and sand.

Residents accused the reconstruction of our port as the main cause why our shoreline has been slowly swallowed. I won't totally agree BECAUSE in a broader sense, these changes are the result from GLOBAL WARMING due to humanity's negligence.