Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sakayan ni tatay

This picture was taken after a stormy weather in our place, specifically Hilongos, Leyte. Fishing boats usually conceal from the rough and wavy seas when low pressure hits the area. So I took a picture of my father’s boat that was anchored at the nearby creek just a few meters away from our house. As I uploaded all the pictures in my camera, this photo enticed me to paint it in watercolor. Thus, without hesitation, I just let my time after work to pass till I felt sleepy with this painting and made 5 sessions to complete. This artwork was added to the personal collection of my own paintings.

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 22” x 18”
Title: Sakayan


niko said...

wow pare!

its so nice!

timoy said...

trying hard lang ako pare.
as if marunong 'baga. hehe.