Monday, June 15, 2009

ASMSI-CEBU Sportsfest Opening 2009

Opening of the Fr. Al’s Cup and the ASMSI – Cebu Sportsfest 2009.

June 14, 2009. I arrived as early as 7:00 am. Registration in-charges were ready for the arrival of the alumni. I proceeded to the canteen for my breakfast just to find out that the kettle for rice was used by our officers the day before the event. So I just have my breakfast of bingka, biko, cup of bulalo and a fried fish.

Past 8:00am, I can see alumni’s presence starting to fill the designated benches in the gymnasium and started to group themselves by batches. I’ve met some of the chatters as they made their way to the gym. Officers were so busy making sure of the activities’ success. All hail to them! The event made its distinction with the partnership of the media specifically the 94.7 Energy FM and SMART telecommunications.

The mass started with a procession for the feast of Corpus Christi or the commemoration of the institution of Eucharist which is also literally means ‘Body of Christ’. So as to have some blessing and will to lead the organization, a formal introduction to the new set of officers was done after the Holy Mass.

We felt uneasy especially our dear alumni president since alumni were already looking for the food. Some even sent me some messages if where the food was being served. We brought again the attention to our coop president Gilbert Nagaño about the food since it was a time for lunch. He called the caterer if they’re arriving in time and with the service malfunction, lunch was served past 1:oo pm. In times like this, you need juicy fruit gum. LOL. In a large crowd where food is to be served, it should always be ready ahead of time and 10:00 am will be a perfect for that. We’re so sorry for the untimely incident that has not been anticipated and so thankful for the alumni who did understand the situation though some have lost their temper. In behalf of the alumni cooperative, my deepest apology for the untoward situation it had caused. Let us unite and do what is best for the organization although shortcomings may arise. We didn't mean it that way and who would? After all, it was a lesson learned.

As the competing team per batches gathered inside the gym, crowd’s uproar made the ambiance so energetic and lively when the presentation of the muses began. Crowd’s favorite 14th batch snatched the Miss Energetic and Best in Production Number, 3rd batch as the Killer Smile and 13th batch as Miss Photogenic. My bet didn’t win, hmmm…zakaat. *rolling eyes. A beautiful acoustic intermission was rendered by Ray Cabasa aka hardwired and Zoraida Tablingon aka Gelin. Good job guys! Certificates were given to different batches as an appreciation for the unceasing support for the alumni organization and a special awards for the 94.7 Energy FM, EDM disco mobile and SMART communications for the partnership of the event.

Fireworks display ignited past 4:00 pm after the celebration that made the guard wondered what’s the thunderous bang about.

We departed 5:00 pm and took a ride in a KMK bus. Feeling exhausted, I found myself asleep on our way to SM. We took our dinner at Andoks Mabolo with sinigang and fried chicken in satisfying our craving stomach.

Our sincere appreciation to the alumni who rendered their support for the event and our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors 94.7 Energy FM, SMART, Dunkin Donuts, Coca Cola, and Nature Spring who made this successful. To those who were there, DAGHANG SALAMAT and let us continue to serve the Lord with joy!


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wow ka nice gud...sayang lang wala ko didto...hehehe

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My bet didn’t win, hmmm…zakaat. *rolling eyes.

--rolling eyes.. lololol