Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rainy Season

As the nimbus started to gather vaporized water from the earth, I felt that its grayish color means only a heavy rain will poured as soon as it can’t hold water’s relative mass.

It’s rainy season once again. City streets will experience one of its worst problem – flooding. I noticed that an average rainfall in an hour or more easily flooded the street just right across our office located at A. S. Fotuna St., Mandaue City. This causes heavy traffic of the public utility jeeps en route to Talamban from the highway. Others may say jokingly that it's time to see the Fortuna River. Flood shut some PUJ dead since the water level reaches the engine compartment. This the situation where the drivers feared most, stranded in the middle of the flood in a stationary vehicle with some passengers outburst in anger.

Public should always be reminded the usefulness of proper garbage disposal. Canals and drainages always overflow every rain because of the trash blockade of waterways in the system. So everytime we see a flooding street, don’t just blame it solely to the poor drainage system but inculcate also in mind that this is also a part of our negligence.


Photoblogger said...

I love the before and after pics. great post sir timoy!

niko said...

happy father's day pare kO!!!! how is alex?/

-bugsbunny- said...

shocks,, na ningning ko sa before and after.. nag bagyo na and everything.. ang payong naa pa waheheeheh... idol jd tika timz.

Anonymous said...

dan was here :) nindot ang mga sketches bai