Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hilongosnon's Voice

Perhaps other Hilongosnon may ask about the building in our public market that was left unfinished. Projects as big as this one somehow needs a feasibility study before implementing. This has something to do with the vicinity map or the location for a detailed planning. This is a long term project that needs thorough study like this one which is located in the heart of our town.

A feasibility study is a process which defines exactly what a project is and what strategic issues need to be considered to assess its feasibility, or likelihood of succeeding. Feasibility studies are useful both when starting a new business, and identifying a new opportunity for an existing business. Ideally, the feasibility study process involves making rational decisions about a number of enduring characteristics of a project, including:

• What exactly is the project? Is it possible? Is it practicable? Can it be done?
(I guess this can be done after how many decades had passed with the current “situation”.)
• Economic feasibility, technical feasibility, schedule feasibility, and operational feasibility - are the benefits greater than the costs?
(Eventually, this only wasted our taxes where years had gone and didn’t served its general purpose.)
• Technical feasibility - do we 'have the technology'? If not, can we get it?
(I believe there’s a workforce and all resources needed are available.)
• Schedule feasibility - will the system be ready on time?
(This project was long overdue.)
• Customer profile: Estimation of customers/revenues.
(Since this building is left unfinished, the targeted revenues were not achieved)
• Operational feasibility - do we have the resources to build the system? Will the system be acceptable? Will people use it?
(This building is a purposeful project done for the betterment of Hilongos and its constituents and turned out to be a useless project and a waste of money.)


For our councilmen, with this project at hand, what are your next steps for this? Do you let this building just stay rotten by time? Or have another building constructed like a mushroom that just grows anywhere without a long term purpose just like our DAR office or somewhat like temporary shelter waiting for the completion of our municipal mall, I mean municipal hall? Or maybe it is all about…hmmmmmm….money in the making. Well anyway, this is just my thought.

Temporary DAR Office?

Public Market Building

Is the planning and design of these structures a long term or just temporary?

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